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We had 2 hives now we have 3.

WP_20130601_003One to many queens in the hive can cause one queen to leave with most of the workers following behind, this is called swarming.  Fortunately for me they settled down in my blackberry patch and after putting on my bee suit, I was able to capture the swarming hive and gave them a new home to make honey in.  I was really careful!!






North Fork Hen House Tour – 2014 date to be announced



The Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast will be on the Hen House Tour  sponsered by Cornell University’s Long Island Horticultural Research and Extension Center,   $5.00 per vehicle.  Your self guided tour begins at Cornell Research Center, 3059 Sound Avenue, Riverhead.  Call for more information 631-727-3595 or email   This will be an EGGciting day, hope to see you!!




Meet the girls out back

 The girls provide fresh eggs each morning for our guests.  Don’t miss breakfast on the front porch at The Farmhouse, see you at 9:00 am!