Our 2 day old Chicks

The Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast, Cutchouge, New York, Buff Orpingtons chicks.  The Buff Orpingtons breed is a great choice for a backyard chicken – beautiful with a nice personality and winter hardiness.  The breed originated in Orpington, Kent, United Kingdom in the late 1800’s. There are Black Orpingtons, White Orpingtons, Blue Orpingtons (somewhat rare), and Buff  Orpingtons -They will lay Brown Eggs for our guests.   


Our chicks arrived at 7:30 am on February 15, via the Cutchogue, United States Post office.  Our friendly post person, Mike called and said your babies arrived can you hear them?  I replied “I am on my way”.  They came packaged in a little box with air holes at the top, when I opened the lid I saw the most beautiful 2 day old chicks huddle together.  I assured them everything was going to be fine and they would be warm in no time.  We were all ready with the nursery, we had borrowed a brooder pen from our friend Mark, and it was perfect.  The little heat lamp was on and warming up their new home.  One by one each chick was introduced to water,(after all it was their first drink) their little beaks were gently dipped into the water feeder just so they could get the idea and off they went, boy were they thirsty. Then we added a little feed, they did not need any help with that, they finished that in no time.  As a proud new parent of 16, I thought you would enjoy some chick photos. Check back for updates and photos